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Cam follower bearings are also known as track followers. As the name implies, they are essential to make the cam followers work effectively. Cam followers are capable of handling intermittent shock and heavy loads. They also can have a soft core that allows for extreme shock loads without fracture. There are two types of cam follower bearings: stud style or yoke style.

We design and manufacture a wide variety of cam followers to meet the needs of a variety of applications, including machine tools, industrial robotics, electronic parts production and office automation equipment. Cam followers are bearings that contain needle rollers between the stud and the thick outer ring.

  • Small coefficient of friction.
  • Excellent rotational performance designed for outer ring revolution.
  • High load capacity by design—radial gap is smaller than within the general needle roller bearings, alleviating impact load and increasing lifetime.
  • Easy attachment with either hexagon sockets or screw driver slots.
  • Multiple shapes and styles are available to fit a variety of applications.  Followers are available with a cage or full complement design, shield or sealed versions, and either spherical or cylindrical outer rings.
  • Sizes, materials, and design options abound; ranging from miniature and standard models to eccentric styles and those with thrust disks. Stainless steel versions resist corrosion and are suitable for cleanroom applications.



Needle roller bearings are standard elements of rotary motion systems. Needle roller bearings are used in applications requiring high load carrying capacity, high precision, and small dimensions. Nadella offers a wide variety of needle roller bearings. The advantage of Nadella production is also the ability to produce special items at reasonable prices. Each bearing contains Nadella’s long-term experience accumulated through decades of design, production, and application.

Precision manufacturing

Since there is no industry-wide standard for cam follower tolerances, we have set their
Bearings have their own tight tolerances. We use statistical process control to help provide Cam followers manufactured to these exacting standards. We were one of the first bearing manufacturers to be ISO certified. ISO certification and the processes it encompasses help McGill design and manufacture bearings to uniform quality standards.

What are cam follower bearings?

Cam Followers are roller or needle bearings specially designed to follow a cam or track. These bearings are used in linear motion systems including transmission lines, conveyor systems and other industrial machinery. Cam Followers can accommodate both symmetrical and elliptical motion rotational applications. There are many cam follower configurations available, but they are generally defined by how they mount to mating components.

There are two main types of cam followers in use; stud type and yoke type. In both types, the stem or shaft extends from the inner race. The stem can be hollow and can be pressed onto a stub shaft (yoke type), or it can contain threads to screw into the corresponding threaded hole (stud type). Stud cam bearings are usually the standard size, but there are heavier studs that can handle larger static loads. Yoke types can support the same amount of static loads as heavy-duty studs but are best suited for applications requiring minimal deflection.


Our precision cam follower and yoke roller bearings consistently exceed expectations in performance and cost. 

Benefits and Advantages 

1. Do not damage or wear out the rail

Metal cam followers can damage rails, especially when the rails are made of aluminum. There can be more than one cause of rail wear. For example, when the needle bearing of the cam follower is over-lubricated and the load is insufficient to overcome the internal friction, the outer lifter may fail to turn and instead slide on the rail (slide rail), causing wear. Letting metal cam followers roll on aluminum can cause wear. To prevent this, an expensive steel plate is usually installed on the aluminum rail.

2. Do not contaminate products with grease

Excess or low viscosity grease from internally lubricated or lubricated rails, especially at higher speeds, can become loose and splash on production parts. If not detected immediately, much of the production may have to be blocked in warehouses and eventually scrapped. We eliminate contamination hazards and all associated costs.

3. Do not need lubrication

Precision fit bearings installed in the product are lubricated for life. The external lifters/tires are precision machined from self-lubricating engineering plastics and do not require lubrication between the cam follower and guide rails, like metal cam followers, to prevent wear. The central lubrication system can be switched off, or eliminated entirely in new designs, resulting in significant savings in material (grease, hardware, simpler design) and labor (maintenance).


Oil is the lubricant of choice in high-speed cam applications because it cools the bearings more efficiently and does not degrade as quickly as grease. Oil is usually applied to the bearing by the splash method. Grease for slower speed cam and track applications. Most stud cam followers are factory supplied and pre-filled with grease. For stud-style cam followers, grease maintenance is available through axial and radial lubrication holes on the stud. For yoke bearings, apply grease through the mounting pins.


Our range of precision bearing cam followers and yoke rollers offers greater range, specification, and size flexibility, allowing you to design with freedom without the limitations presented by alternative brands.


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