Product Description

Product Description

Cam Follower Bearings are also referred to as track follower.

  • They are designed to follow a sliding or rotating piece (cam) and they use rollers or needles as the rolling elements. 
  • Cam Follower Bearings are therefore CZPT to replicate a specific motion because they are highly versatile.
  • They have thick-walled outer rings that run on a track.
  • They are used to minimize distortion and bending stress while facilitating high load carrying capacity.
  • Generally speaking, cam follower bearings are designed in different configurations and special structures can be designed according to the task requirements. 
Product Name China Factory supply good quality cam follower bearing with holder ( KR16 CF6)
Model No. Cam follower bearing KR16
Other Model No. KR Series (with cage): KR13, KR16, KR19, KR22, KR26, KR30, KR32, KR35, KR40, KR47, KR52, KR62, KR72, KR80, KR85, KR90mm;
KRV series (without cage): KRV13, KRV16, KRV19, KRV22, KRV26, KRV30, KRV32, KRV35, KRV40, KRV47, KRV52, KRV62, KRV72, KRV80, KRV85, KRV90mm;
CF series: CF5, CF6, CF8, CF10, CF10-1, CF12, CF12-1, CF16, CF18, CF20, CF20-1, CF24, CF24-1, CF30, CF30-1, CF30-2;
Note:  When bearing of series KR, KRV with eccentric, then designation of bearing  KRE, KRVE.

Needle roller: Bearing steel GCr15, quench-hardening HRC60-65 ;
Rings: Bearing steel GCr15 ;
Cage: Carbon steel or reinforced nylon

Other Model No. KR Series 13/16/19/22/26/30/32/35/40/47/52/62/72/80/85/90mm (with cage)
KRV series 13/16/19/22/26/30/32/35/40/47/52/62/72/80/85/90mm (without cage)
Applications Cam Follower Bearings are suitable for applications that involve high radial loads and certain shock loads. They are widely used in machine tools, metallurgy, textile and printing machinery, pressing lines, inHangZhou equipment, ram support rollers, material handing, motor vehicles, pumping devices, etc.
OEM&Customzied OEM & Customzied service is accepted to our R&D department, if you need, please show us with the drawing while inquiry. Thanks.

Both the stud and yoke cam followers have an outer diameter that may either be cylindrical or crowned. The crowned ones are often used in turntable type applications because they help reduce skidding.

Stud Style
Stud style cam follower bearing has 1 end plate integrated into the inner race (stud) and the other pressed CZPT the stud unto a shoulder on the inner race.
Both ends of the stud have holes for lubrication and the inner race is induction hardened to maintain some degree of softness in case some modification is required.

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1. Are you factory or trading company?
We are factory with most competitive price and high quality. We are Alibaba Gold Supplier seller since 2011. 

2. Customized accepted?
Yes, of course, such as the bearing brand of Japanese, USA, Sweden and so on are available. If that, please send us the drawing of the type with the picture will be most appreciated.  

3. Can I get some samples or more discounts?
Yes, just to contact us and we are honored to offer samples to you for checking. 

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Since 2007, we specialized in producing all kinds of linear shaft, linear bearing, flange bearing, ball screw, linear CZPT way, linear motion ball bearing, needle roller bearing, etc.

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1.The Model Number/ the detail drawing of non-standard bearing;
4.Surface treatment; 
5.Any special packing or other requirements. 

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Cage: With Cage
Rows Number: Multiple
Load Direction: Thrust Bearing
Style: With Outer Ring
Material: Bearing Steel
Type: Closed
US$ 1/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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cam folllow bearing

Can you explain the role of seals and shields in protecting cam follower bearings from contaminants?

Seals and shields play a crucial role in protecting cam follower bearings from contaminants. They act as barriers, preventing the entry of harmful particles, liquids, or gases into the bearing assembly. Let’s explore the role of seals and shields in detail:


Seals are components designed to create a physical barrier between the internal components of the cam follower bearing and the external environment. They help to prevent the ingress of contaminants, such as dust, dirt, moisture, and other foreign substances. The role of seals in protecting cam follower bearings from contaminants includes:

  • Dust and Dirt Protection: Seals act as a shield against airborne dust and dirt particles that can enter the bearing and cause abrasive wear, premature fatigue, or damage to the rolling elements and raceways. They keep the interior of the bearing clean and free from harmful contaminants.
  • Moisture and Liquid Protection: Seals provide a barrier against moisture and liquid ingress, protecting the bearing from corrosion, rust, and lubricant contamination. They help maintain the integrity of the lubricating film and prevent the formation of corrosive substances that can degrade the bearing surfaces.
  • Chemical and Gas Protection: Certain applications may involve exposure to chemicals or gases that can be detrimental to the bearing’s performance and longevity. Seals are designed to resist the penetration of these substances, safeguarding the bearing from chemical attack or degradation.
  • Grease Retention: Seals help retain lubricating grease within the bearing, preventing it from leaking out and ensuring proper lubrication of the rolling elements and raceways. This promotes smooth operation, reduces friction, dissipates heat, and extends the bearing’s service life.


Shields, also known as retainers or covers, are protective components that shield the rolling elements and raceways of the cam follower bearing from external contaminants. They are typically made of metal or plastic and are positioned close to the bearing’s inner ring or stud. The role of shields in protecting cam follower bearings from contaminants includes:

  • Physical Barrier: Shields act as a physical barrier, intercepting solid particles, debris, or larger contaminants that could otherwise come into contact with the rolling elements and raceways. They prevent direct contact, reducing the risk of damage, wear, or premature failure of the bearing.
  • Easy Access for Lubrication: Shields are often designed with small openings or reliefs to allow for easy access to lubrication points. This facilitates the replenishment or relubrication of the bearing without the need for shield removal, ensuring continued protection against contaminants while maintaining proper lubrication.
  • Enhanced Bearing Performance: By protecting the rolling elements and raceways, shields help maintain the precision and performance of the cam follower bearing. They minimize the risk of surface damage, maintain proper geometry, and reduce the potential for increased friction or vibration that could affect the bearing’s accuracy and efficiency.

Both seals and shields are essential in protecting cam follower bearings from contaminants, ensuring reliable operation and extending the bearing’s service life. The specific type and design of seals and shields may vary depending on the application requirements, environmental conditions, and the level of protection needed. It is important to select the appropriate sealing and shielding solutions to match the operating conditions and contaminants present in the application.

cam folllow bearing

What are the challenges and solutions for managing radial loads and eccentric motion in cam follower bearings?

Managing radial loads and eccentric motion in cam follower bearings can pose challenges in certain applications. Let’s discuss these challenges and explore potential solutions:


1. Radial Load Management: Cam follower bearings often experience significant radial loads, which can cause increased stress, wear, and potential failure if not properly managed. The challenges include:

  • High radial forces due to the application requirements or external factors.
  • Uneven distribution of load across the bearing surface.
  • Impact or shock loads that exceed the bearing’s capacity.

2. Eccentric Motion: Eccentric motion occurs when the centerline of the cam follower bearing deviates from its ideal path during operation. This can lead to issues such as:

  • Uneven wear on the bearing surface.
  • Inefficient transmission of motion or power.
  • Increased friction and heat generation.


To address the challenges associated with radial loads and eccentric motion in cam follower bearings, several solutions can be implemented:

1. Bearing Selection: Choosing the appropriate cam follower bearing based on the application requirements is crucial. Considerations include:

  • Selecting bearings with higher radial load capacity and appropriate load ratings.
  • Opting for bearings made of materials with high strength and wear resistance.
  • Using bearings with specialized designs, such as crowned outer rings or larger contact areas, to distribute the load more evenly.

2. Lubrication: Proper lubrication is essential for managing radial loads and reducing friction. Effective lubrication helps:

  • Minimize wear and prevent surface damage.
  • Reduce friction and heat generation.
  • Absorb shock and distribute loads more evenly.

3. Mounting and Alignment: Correct mounting and alignment of cam follower bearings play a vital role in managing radial loads and eccentric motion. Consider the following:

  • Ensuring proper alignment of the bearing with the cam profile or track to minimize eccentric motion.
  • Applying appropriate preloading or clearance adjustment to optimize load distribution.
  • Using precision mounting techniques to minimize misalignment and maximize the bearing’s load-carrying capacity.

4. Damping and Shock Absorption: In applications with significant shock loads or vibrations, incorporating damping and shock absorption mechanisms can help:

  • Reduce the impact of sudden load changes.
  • Minimize the transmission of vibrations to the bearing.
  • Provide additional protection against excessive loads and eccentric motion.

5. Regular Maintenance and Inspection: Implementing a proactive maintenance schedule and performing regular inspections can help identify and address issues early. This includes:

  • Monitoring the bearing’s performance and checking for signs of wear, damage, or misalignment.
  • Replacing worn or damaged bearings promptly.
  • Applying appropriate lubrication and ensuring it is replenished as needed.

By considering these solutions, managing radial loads and eccentric motion in cam follower bearings can be effectively addressed, leading to improved performance, extended bearing life, and reliable operation in various applications.

cam folllow bearing

What factors should be considered when selecting a cam follower bearing for a specific application?

When selecting a cam follower bearing for a specific application, several factors need to be considered to ensure optimal performance and compatibility. The following factors play a crucial role in the selection process:

  • Load Requirements:
  • One of the primary considerations is the load requirements of the application. Determine the magnitude and type of loads the cam follower bearing will experience, including radial loads, axial loads, and moment loads. Consider factors such as peak loads, dynamic loads, and the distribution of loads throughout the operating cycle. Select a cam follower bearing with a load capacity that can accommodate the anticipated loads to ensure reliable and long-lasting performance.

  • Operating Speed:
  • Consider the operating speed of the application when selecting a cam follower bearing. High-speed applications require bearings with low friction and efficient rolling capabilities to minimize heat generation and wear. Verify the maximum rotational speed and match it with the bearing’s rated speed to avoid premature failure or performance issues. Additionally, consider factors such as acceleration, deceleration, and any speed variations during the application’s operating cycle.

  • Accuracy and Precision:
  • In applications that require precise motion control or positioning, accuracy and precision are vital. Evaluate the level of accuracy required and select a cam follower bearing with appropriate dimensional tolerances, smooth operation, and low backlash. Factors such as runout, concentricity, and straightness of the bearing components can influence the overall accuracy and precision of the application.

  • Environmental Conditions:
  • Assess the environmental conditions in which the cam follower bearing will operate. Consider factors such as temperature range, humidity, exposure to contaminants, and the presence of corrosive substances. Choose a bearing that is designed to withstand the specific environmental conditions to prevent premature failure or degradation. Sealing options, lubrication requirements, and corrosion-resistant materials should be considered based on the application’s environment.

  • Mounting and Integration:
  • Examine the mounting and integration requirements of the cam follower bearing. Consider the available space, accessibility for installation and maintenance, and the mounting configuration needed for the application. Determine whether a stud-type or yoke-type cam follower bearing is more suitable based on the mounting options and the desired support and guidance. Additionally, assess factors such as alignment, ease of adjustment, and the need for additional components or accessories to ensure proper installation and integration.

  • Reliability and Maintenance:
  • Reliability and maintenance considerations are crucial for the overall performance and cost-effectiveness of the application. Evaluate the expected service life, maintenance requirements, and the availability of replacement parts. Select a cam follower bearing with a proven track record of reliability and durability to minimize downtime and maintenance costs. Additionally, consider factors such as lubrication intervals, re-greasing requirements, and accessibility for maintenance operations.

  • Cost and Availability:
  • Consider the cost and availability of the cam follower bearing. Evaluate the initial cost, long-term cost of ownership, and the availability of the bearing from reputable suppliers. It is essential to balance the desired performance and quality with the available budget and the ability to source the bearing promptly when needed.

By considering these factors, you can make an informed decision when selecting a cam follower bearing for a specific application. Taking into account load requirements, operating speed, accuracy, environmental conditions, mounting and integration needs, reliability and maintenance considerations, as well as cost and availability, will help ensure the chosen bearing meets the application’s demands and provides optimal performance and longevity.

China best China Factory Supply Good Quality Cam Follower Bearing with Holder (KR16 CF6)   deep groove ball bearingChina best China Factory Supply Good Quality Cam Follower Bearing with Holder (KR16 CF6)   deep groove ball bearing
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