Product Description

Product Description

Cam Follower Bearings are also referred to as track follower.

  • They are designed to follow a sliding or rotating piece (cam) and they use rollers or needles as the rolling elements. 
  • Cam Follower Bearings are therefore CZPT to replicate a specific motion because they are highly versatile.
  • They have thick-walled outer rings that run on a track.
  • They are used to minimize distortion and bending stress while facilitating high load carrying capacity.
  • Generally speaking, cam follower bearings are designed in different configurations and special structures can be designed according to the task requirements. 
Product Name China Factory supply good quality cam follower bearing with holder ( KR16 CF6)
Model No. Cam follower bearing KR16
Other Model No. KR Series (with cage): KR13, KR16, KR19, KR22, KR26, KR30, KR32, KR35, KR40, KR47, KR52, KR62, KR72, KR80, KR85, KR90mm;
KRV series (without cage): KRV13, KRV16, KRV19, KRV22, KRV26, KRV30, KRV32, KRV35, KRV40, KRV47, KRV52, KRV62, KRV72, KRV80, KRV85, KRV90mm;
CF series: CF5, CF6, CF8, CF10, CF10-1, CF12, CF12-1, CF16, CF18, CF20, CF20-1, CF24, CF24-1, CF30, CF30-1, CF30-2;
Note:  When bearing of series KR, KRV with eccentric, then designation of bearing  KRE, KRVE.

Needle roller: Bearing steel GCr15, quench-hardening HRC60-65 ;
Rings: Bearing steel GCr15 ;
Cage: Carbon steel or reinforced nylon

Other Model No. KR Series 13/16/19/22/26/30/32/35/40/47/52/62/72/80/85/90mm (with cage)
KRV series 13/16/19/22/26/30/32/35/40/47/52/62/72/80/85/90mm (without cage)
Applications Cam Follower Bearings are suitable for applications that involve high radial loads and certain shock loads. They are widely used in machine tools, metallurgy, textile and printing machinery, pressing lines, inHangZhou equipment, ram support rollers, material handing, motor vehicles, pumping devices, etc.
OEM&Customzied OEM & Customzied service is accepted to our R&D department, if you need, please show us with the drawing while inquiry. Thanks.

Both the stud and yoke cam followers have an outer diameter that may either be cylindrical or crowned. The crowned ones are often used in turntable type applications because they help reduce skidding.

Stud Style
Stud style cam follower bearing has 1 end plate integrated into the inner race (stud) and the other pressed CZPT the stud unto a shoulder on the inner race.
Both ends of the stud have holes for lubrication and the inner race is induction hardened to maintain some degree of softness in case some modification is required.

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1. Are you factory or trading company?
We are factory with most competitive price and high quality. We are Alibaba Gold Supplier seller since 2011. 

2. Customized accepted?
Yes, of course, such as the bearing brand of Japanese, USA, Sweden and so on are available. If that, please send us the drawing of the type with the picture will be most appreciated.  

3. Can I get some samples or more discounts?
Yes, just to contact us and we are honored to offer samples to you for checking. 

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4.Surface treatment; 
5.Any special packing or other requirements. 

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Cage: With Cage
Rows Number: Multiple
Load Direction: Thrust Bearing
Style: With Outer Ring
Material: Bearing Steel
Type: Closed
US$ 1/Piece
1 Piece(Min.Order)

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cam folllow bearing

How do cam follower bearings improve the functionality of conveyors and material handling systems?

Cam follower bearings play a crucial role in improving the functionality of conveyors and material handling systems. Let’s explore in detail how cam follower bearings contribute to the efficient operation of these systems:

  • Precise Tracking and Guidance: Cam follower bearings provide precise tracking and guidance for conveyors and material handling systems. By following the profile of the cam, the bearings ensure that the moving components, such as rollers or belts, stay on the desired path. This precise tracking helps prevent misalignment, slippage, or jamming, ensuring smooth and reliable movement of materials along the conveyor or within the material handling system.
  • Smooth and Controlled Motion: Cam follower bearings enable smooth and controlled motion of conveyors and material handling systems. They transfer the rotational motion from the driving mechanism to the connected components, such as rollers or pulleys. This controlled motion allows for gentle acceleration, deceleration, and speed regulation, minimizing shocks, vibrations, and material spillage. The smooth and controlled motion enhances the overall efficiency, throughput, and safety of the system.
  • Load Support and Handling: Conveyors and material handling systems often carry significant loads, ranging from lightweight items to heavy bulk materials. Cam follower bearings are designed to provide robust load support and handling capabilities. They distribute the load evenly across the bearings, ensuring smooth and stable operation even under heavy loads. This load support feature minimizes wear and fatigue on the system components, prolonging their service life and reducing maintenance requirements.
  • Flexibility and Versatility: Cam follower bearings offer flexibility and versatility in conveyor and material handling system design. Their compact size and various mounting options allow for easy integration into different configurations, including straight, curved, or inclined conveyors. The ability to accommodate misalignments and deviations in the cam profile enables customization and adaptability to specific application requirements. This flexibility facilitates the efficient layout and optimization of conveyor and material handling systems.
  • Reduced Friction and Energy Consumption: Cam follower bearings incorporate rolling elements, such as rollers or needles, that reduce friction between the cam and the bearing. This rolling action minimizes energy losses and frictional heat generation, resulting in reduced power consumption and improved energy efficiency of the system. The reduced friction also contributes to the longevity of the bearings by minimizing wear and extending their operational life.
  • Reliability and Maintenance: Cam follower bearings are designed for reliable and low-maintenance operation in demanding industrial environments. They are constructed with durable materials and undergo stringent quality control processes to ensure their reliability. The minimal maintenance requirements of cam follower bearings help reduce downtime and increase the overall availability of conveyors and material handling systems, improving productivity and operational efficiency.

In summary, cam follower bearings enhance the functionality of conveyors and material handling systems by providing precise tracking and guidance, enabling smooth and controlled motion, supporting and handling various loads, offering flexibility in system design, reducing friction and energy consumption, and ensuring reliability with low maintenance requirements. With these benefits, cam follower bearings contribute to the efficient and reliable operation of conveyors and material handling systems, optimizing material flow, productivity, and safety in industrial environments.

cam folllow bearing

What are the signs of wear or damage in cam follower bearings, and when should they be replaced?

Cam follower bearings can exhibit signs of wear or damage over time, which may indicate the need for replacement. Let’s explore the common signs of wear or damage in these bearings and discuss when they should be replaced:

1. Increased Noise: Unusual or excessive noise during operation, such as grinding, squeaking, or rumbling sounds, can be an indication of bearing wear. If the noise becomes noticeably louder or changes in pitch, it is advisable to inspect the bearing for potential damage.

2. Abnormal Vibration: Excessive vibration or noticeable changes in vibration patterns can be a sign of bearing wear or misalignment. Excessive vibration can lead to accelerated wear and potential failure of the bearing if not addressed promptly.

3. Irregular Motion: If the cam follower bearing exhibits irregular or inconsistent motion, such as sticking, jerking, or hesitation, it may indicate wear or damage. This can affect the smooth operation of the machinery and lead to decreased efficiency or performance issues.

4. Increased Friction: If the bearing experiences higher levels of friction, it may result in increased heat generation or uneven wear. Excessive friction can lead to premature wear of the bearing surfaces and compromise the overall performance of the machinery.

5. Visible Damage: Inspect the bearing for any visible signs of damage, such as cracks, pitting, spalling, or deformation. These visual indications may suggest that the bearing has reached its operational limits and requires replacement.

6. Loss of Lubrication: Insufficient lubrication or loss of lubricant film can lead to accelerated wear and damage in cam follower bearings. If there are signs of inadequate lubrication, such as dry or discolored surfaces, it is essential to address the lubrication issue and consider replacing the bearing if necessary.

7. Excessive Play or Clearance: Excessive axial or radial play in the bearing, or an increase in the clearance between the bearing components, can indicate wear or damage. Excessive play can affect the precision of motion and compromise the overall performance of the machinery.

When to Replace Cam Follower Bearings:

The exact timing for bearing replacement depends on various factors, including the severity of wear or damage, the criticality of the application, and the manufacturer’s guidelines. However, as a general guideline, cam follower bearings should be replaced under the following circumstances:

  • When any of the above-mentioned signs of wear or damage are observed.
  • If the bearing is approaching or has exceeded its predicted service life based on the manufacturer’s recommendations.
  • When routine inspections reveal significant wear or damage that may compromise the bearing’s performance or safety.
  • During scheduled maintenance or overhaul of the machinery, as part of a proactive replacement strategy.

It is crucial to consult the manufacturer’s guidelines, maintenance manuals, or seek the advice of a qualified engineer or technician to determine the appropriate timing for cam follower bearing replacement in specific applications.

By monitoring the signs of wear or damage, and addressing them promptly, the performance, reliability, and safety of the machinery can be maintained, minimizing the risk of unexpected failures or production disruptions.

cam folllow bearing

What are the common applications and industries where cam follower bearings are commonly used?

Cam follower bearings find application in various industries and are utilized in a wide range of mechanical systems that require high precision and reliable motion control. Here are some common applications and industries where cam follower bearings are commonly used:

  • Industrial Machinery:
  • Cam follower bearings are widely employed in industrial machinery, including machine tools, printing presses, packaging equipment, textile machinery, and robotics. They are utilized in these applications to provide smooth and precise motion control, support linear or rotational movements, and handle heavy loads.

  • Automotive:
  • In the automotive industry, cam follower bearings are utilized in various components and systems. They are found in engine camshafts, valve train mechanisms, fuel injection systems, and exhaust systems. Cam follower bearings help ensure proper valve timing, efficient fuel delivery, and smooth operation of engine components.

  • Aerospace and Aviation:
  • Cam follower bearings are utilized in the aerospace and aviation sectors for critical applications. They can be found in aircraft landing gear systems, flap mechanisms, flight control systems, and engine components. Cam follower bearings in these applications provide reliable and precise motion control, withstand high loads, and operate in demanding environments.

  • Material Handling:
  • Cam follower bearings are commonly used in material handling equipment such as conveyor systems, forklifts, cranes, and lifting mechanisms. They facilitate smooth and controlled movement of loads, handle heavy loads, and provide guidance and support for linear or rotational motion.

  • Construction and Heavy Equipment:
  • Cam follower bearings are utilized in construction and heavy equipment applications such as excavators, loaders, bulldozers, and compactors. They are employed in these machines for various functions, including track rollers, bucket mechanisms, steering systems, and articulating joints. Cam follower bearings in these applications enable efficient operation, withstand heavy loads, and provide durability in harsh conditions.

  • Medical and Laboratory Equipment:
  • Cam follower bearings are used in medical and laboratory equipment where precise motion control and smooth operation are critical. They can be found in applications such as medical imaging devices, laboratory automation systems, robotic surgical equipment, and precision instruments. Cam follower bearings in these applications ensure accurate positioning, smooth motion, and reliable performance.

  • Packaging and Printing:
  • In packaging and printing industries, cam follower bearings are utilized in machinery such as printing presses, labeling machines, cartoning machines, and packaging lines. They enable precise movement, register control, and consistent performance, contributing to high-quality printing and efficient packaging processes.

  • Textile and Garment Machinery:
  • Cam follower bearings are commonly used in textile and garment machinery for applications such as yarn guide systems, loom mechanisms, knitting machines, and fabric handling systems. They provide smooth and controlled motion, support high-speed operations, and contribute to the precise production of textiles and garments.

These are just a few examples of the many applications and industries where cam follower bearings are commonly used. Their versatility, reliability, and ability to provide precise motion control make them a valuable component in various mechanical systems across different sectors.

China best China Factory Supply Good Quality Cam Follower Bearing with Holder (KR16 CF6)   with Great qualityChina best China Factory Supply Good Quality Cam Follower Bearing with Holder (KR16 CF6)   with Great quality
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