Cam Follower Bearing

NAST30ZZ needle track roller cam follower bearing NAST35ZZ

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The roller bearing is a sealed structure, filled with grease to provide long-term effective lubrication, and users can avoid lubrication. Supplementary grease channels can be designed for harsh working conditions to improve the service life of the bearing. An improper method will also cause the roller bearing to heat up. Lubrication can reduce the wear of parts in motion, ensure the accuracy of the press, and reduce energy consumption. Lubrication is divided into thin oil lubrication, heavy oil lubrication, and so on.

What is a cam follower bearing?

Cam followers are an important part of machines that convert rotary motion to linear motion. It is made from a set of precision ground inner and outer raceways and contains a complete cage and needle rolling elements. This anti-friction bearing carries high dynamic and static loads. The bearings are easily lubricated through oil holes located at both ends of the studs. A hex wrench socket for installation makes it very easy to install. Its surface is covered with a black oxide coating to prevent oxidation.